Wohome S9920 38″ Soundbar Review

If you’re in the market for a new soundbar but don’t have a big budget, then the Wohome S9920 38” Soundbar might just be what you’re looking for. This affordable soundbar costs a little over $100 but delivers a decent amount of audio quality and power output! 

At a Glance

Power Output:
Frequency Response:
40Hz – 20kHz
Speaker Drivers:
4 x 15W Full Range & 2 x 10W Tweeters
Bluetooth, ⅛ inch AUX in, USB, Optical, Coaxial


The Sound

The Wohome S9920 delivers 80W and up to 105dBs of sound from a total of six speaker drivers. 80W is a decent amount of power since most soundbars of this size and price range feature between 40W-60W. There are 4 x 15W drivers and 2 x 1” Tweeters and in the center of the Wohome 38” are two bass ports for richer bass.

The six 15W drivers are distributed as follows. Two of them for left/right with the two tweeters and the other two 15W drivers are for far left/right. Having the drivers in this configuration delivers Wohome’s 3D surround. 

If you are going to use the optical cable, make sure you change your TV output to PCM. If you don’t do this, you will have sound from both your TV and soundbar which may conflict resulting in poor audio. Some TVs will automatically read an optical output and adjust to PCM, while others require this to be implemented manually. Unfortunately, the Wohome S9920 does not support Dolby and DTS so make sure these are disabled or you won’t enjoy the full audio experience.

Wohome 38″ Soundbar (S9920)

Features Connections & Remote

When it comes to inputs, the Wohome 38” offers you a variety of choices. Bluetooth, ⅛ inch AUX in, USB, optical and coaxial are all input options. I know what you’re thinking… no HDMI? Unfortunately, there is no HDMI input on the Wohome 38” but if you have optical out on your TV, then this is as good a digital connection as HDMI.

The S9920 has the latest version of Bluetooth, 4.0. The soundbar shows up quickly on your Bluetooth device and pairing is almost instant. You can control your Bluetooth device via the Wohome 38” remote control. Play/pause, volume, mute and skip tracks are all accessible on the remote control. A convenient feature – I’m sure you’ll agree!

Bluetooth range is around 30 feet, perfect for most living areas. The S9920 is also compatible with the Amazon Echo for streaming music, TV, chatting to Alexa and more.

On the side panel of the Wohome 38” is a volume control, play pause button and power/mode selector. Great for when you can’t find the remote!

The remote itself is super simple to use with a button for each function – no scrolling through menus! There are three sound presets: 3D, SR-1, and SR-2. The 3D button activates Wohome’s movie mode. In 3D mode, you get a bit more bass to add a bit of drama to your movies. SR-1 is a music mode and SR-2 is for general TV where search clarity is most important. The remote control also allows you to select between the 6 inputs – Bluetooth, optical, coaxial, USB, AUX 1 (RCA) and AUX 2 (⅛ inch).

Wohome 38″ Soundbar (S9920)


The Wohome S9920 38″ is easy to install, whether it’s on a TV cabinet or mounted on the wall. If you’re mounting the soundbar, Wohome provides a wall template so you can easily mark out the holes to drill into your wall. If you’ve ever had to mount something as large as the Wohome 38” Soundbar before – trying to hold it level with one hand while marking the wall with the other, you’ll appreciate how helpful a template is! The mounting brackets, wall plugs and screws are all also provided with the Wohome 38”.

If you are placing the soundbar on a TV cabinet, the Wohome S9920 angles up towards ear height so you get the best sound image.

The cable area is recessed into the soundbar, so even if you have everything plugged in, the S9920 will sit flush against your wall or TV cabinet. I would have preferred the USB port on the side as you struggle to get a USB in and out when mounted on the wall (you need to remove the soundbar from the wall to get the USB in and out) but with that said the S9920 is pretty easy to lift off the wall, so this isn’t a major sticking point.

What’s in the Box?

Wohome is very generous with the extras supplied along with the Wohome 38” soundbar. Included in the box is:

  • S9920 38” Soundbar with power adapter
  • Wall mounts with 4 x screws and 4 x wall plugs and wall mount template
  • Remote control
  • RCA to ⅛ inch AUX
  • Optical cable
  • User manual

The S9920 comes with a 1-year warranty and, if you purchase through Amazon, a 45-day money back guarantee. So if you’re unsatisfied with your Wohome S9920, return it to Amazon within 45 days and you’ll get your money back.


If you’re looking for an affordable soundbar, the Wohome S9920 is a great option! For small to medium sized living areas, or even the bedroom – the S9920 will do the job. For larger living areas the Wohome will definitely be better than your TV speakers but might not give you the power and volume you are looking for. Having said that, the S9920 is loud and you won’t be disappointed in the volume department!

The only downside for the soundbar is the fact that you have no HDMI cable and thus no virtual surround sound. The Wohome S9920 38” is best suited for someone looking to upgrade their standard TV speakers to a speaker with a bit more character, bass, and volume. Games, movies, sport and general TV will definitely sound better than your TV speakers with the Wohome S9920 38” Soundbar.

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