From Snacks to Soundbars – Perfecting your Home Movie Experience!

With the Winter months approaching and the nights slowly drawing in, what can be better than the prospect of snuggling down on the sofa for a home movie night with the ones you love? Whether it be a cozy and romantic couples night in, or a family camp out on the sofa with the kids, here are our top hints and tips from snacks to sound bars, in order to perfect your home theater experience.

1,Pick a movie you will all enjoy - whether it’s the latest release blockbuster or a traditional old Disney classic; ensure that the next two hours will to capture everyone’s attention. If you can’t agree on a movie, take a vote, flip a coin or draw straws, or take it in turns and watch everyone’s choice for a whole night movie marathon. If kids are involved, make sure you check the movie classification rating before you start - there is nothing worse than some unexpected violence or sexual content when there are little ones present! Read some reviews and make sure you know what you’re expecting to see before you start.

2,Ensure you have the right kit - whether it’s a flat screen TV, a streamed laptop or a projector as your screen of choice; make sure you have everything set up and ready to go long before your guests arrive. To take your movie viewing to the next level and for an authentic home theater experience, a sound bar can really enhance the experience and offer much improved sound quality than you get from your TV speakers. The Wohome TV Soundbar Wireless Bluetooth and Wired Home Theater Speaker System is designed with DSP technology to provide 3D crystal clear surround sound and bring the drama to life for very minimal cost; with a sound bar being much cheaper than full surround sound speaker systems.

3,Snacks - to keep your guests happy we recommend snacks, and lots of them. No home movie night is complete without some fresh popcorn and popping the kernels yourself really adds to the excitement and anticipation! For younger smackers or the health conscious, keep the popcorn plain or with a hint of butter. For the adults or more indulgent viewers, you may want to consider slightly naughtier toppings such as sugar or salted caramel. Think sharing buckets and plastic drinks tankards and you’re well on your way to bringing that theater experience to life.

4,Comfort - for longer movies, comfort is essential. Make the most of the privacy of your own home and bring out your best comfy pyjamas and socks, snuggling down on a wide range of cushions throws blankets and pillows, the latter of which is perfect for hiding behind if the film gets tense!

5,Turn down the lights - for a true theater experience, block out any natural daylight and dim the lights. Turn the volume on the sound bar up loud and take yourself off on a journey. Whether you are watching at 4pm or midnight, you want it to feel authentic and the afternoon sun beaming through the windows will not only cause reflections on your screen but can be distracting too!

6,Ban social media - talking of distractions, there is nothing more annoying than the glare of someone’s mobile phone screen whilst you are trying to watch a movie, so for everyone’s pleasure, recommend guests put their phones aside.

7,Schedule an interlude - schedule in a short break around halfway through the movie for toilet breaks, snack refills and phone checking (if people are having withdrawals!). Having a predetermined break prevents regular pausing and disruption or people missing crucial parts of the plot when they pay a visit to the bathroom!

8,Relax - by planning your home movie night in advance you can ensure you can totally switch off, kick back and enjoy the experience. Enjoy the break - you’ve earned it!!

What are your tips for a great movie night in? We’d love to hear them!