Why Every Home Needs A Sound Bar

Sound bars are essential for anyone who loves their movie nights, listening to music and enjoying watching their favourite weekly programmes on the TV.  Some people may disagree, and think that sound bars are not needed. What's so bad about the sound produced by a normal TV anyway? But the truth is, they can make a huge difference to your viewing experience and here's why:

TV speakers are just not that great

One of the great things about TVs these days are that they are flat, and because of this they hardly take up any space. They are also much more attractive and appealing, but unfortunately, this also means that there is less space to fit the speaker's drivers. This means the drivers are usually thin and weak, resulting in the sound not being of a very high quality.

TV speakers are often pointing down or away from you

Another issue that is a result of our thinner TVs is that the speakers are often pointing down or away from us. This means that we are never actually able to get the full impact of the sound produced by the TV, and can end up ruining our viewing experience.

There's nothing like sitting in front of the telly with your family and enjoying the full cinematic experience, popcorn, blankets, sweets, maybe a little bit of a drink, and of course, having great picture and sound. With a sound bar, you know the sound is going to be directly playing out towards you, meaning you get the best experience!

Sound bars are great for producing a better quality of sound

Not only do sound bars produce a louder sound, but they also produce a better quality of sound. Recently there's been a move towards more naturalistic acting (talking and acting as we would in day to day life), which is great! But it also means sometimes actors can be sounding as though they are mumbling. And while their acting is believable, it can also leave us being unable to make out what they are saying, making the whole viewing experience highly frustrating, especially if this happens at a key point in a film. Now we'll never know who murdered Mr Smith! But with a sound bar, this issue is greatly resolved. As the speakers are better quality, it means the sound you hear will be much better, and mumbling should no longer be a problem.

A sound bar is great for listening to music

It's not only our TV viewing that bad sound can affect; it can also affect the quality of the music we listen to. Today music is a huge part of all of our lives and we listen to it all the time. Having a sound bar will produce a much better quality of sound, so you'll feel like dancing whatever the time of day.
Sound bars are small

Speakers can be big and bulky, but sound bars sit neatly in front of the TV, hardly taking up any space at all. They are also thin, which means they won't obstruct your view of the TV. They are just like having a sound system but without all the equipment.


Sound bars are a great addition to anyone's home. They provide a cinematic viewing experience every time, and they mean that the whole family will enjoy watching their favourite films again and again. We love sound bars, and highly recommend the Wohome Wireless Bluetooth TV Sound Bar. This is a loud 40" TV sound bar with built-in 4 x 15 w full range speakers and 2 x 10 w tweeters speakers. You can also use Bluetooth to avoid any unnecessary wires, or if you wish, there is also the option of plugging it in directly to your TV.  It is a 3D surround sound system and is incredibly easy to set up. It even comes with a one-year warranty, 45 days money back guarantee, and lifetime technical support. Meaning you don't have to have any worries when ordering this product. We 100% recommend this product and know you'll love experiencing your favourite films in a whole new way, just as much as we do with this sound bar.