5 Reasons to invest in a Sound Bar

We all want to create that cinematic experience in the comfort of our own home, whether it be to watch the latest released films, watch the latest pay per view sports event with your mates or just simply to chill out and listen to some music after work. A fantastic way to do this is with a sound bar. Below are my top 5 reasons why you should absolutely invest in a sound bar!

It Will Transform the Sound of Your Television

So you’ve just gone out and bought a brand new state of the art big screen television, it looks fantastic! But there is one big drawback – it is lacking in sound quality. The growing trend of ultra-thin smart televisions has resulted in less space for speaker technology, which means your TV will sound tinny. A great way to improve this is by purchasing a Sound Bar. A sound bar is a thin long bar that fits under your television and creates expansive audio and crystal clear sound. This will transform your home entertainment experience.

Space Saving

If you had all the money in the world, the ideal solution for your home entertainment needs would be to purchase an entire sound system. The problem with this though is that a complete multi-speaker surround sound system can take up a lot of space.  However, just because you don’t have a lot of space doesn’t mean you have to compromise on sound quality. A sound bar is a smart and sleek way to get the most out of your audio. Your sound bar fits nicely underneath your TV or if you have a newer model, it can be mounted absolutely anywhere in the room because it is completely wireless.

Cost Effective

Buying a complete sound system can be rather costly, and due to the current global economic climate, a lot of us are on a budget. However, just because you are on a budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice sound quality. A sound bar is a fantastic alternative to a complete sound system, and can often be bought at a fraction of the price. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars on the latest complete surround sound systems. Most good sound bars are available at under $100 and they will completely transform the way you watch television, play games and listen to music.

Built-In or Additional Subwoofer

Most good sound bars will come with a build in dedicated subwoofer, others often come complete with an additional subwoofer, which is the case in the delightful Soundbar and subwoofer combo. A subwoofer helps to create a totally immersive experience by adding extra bass to create the richest fullest sound. A subwoofer will enable you to feel every gunshot, every explosion, every hi-speed car chase and so much more. You won’t just be watching your television; you will literally be able to feel it. After buying a sound bar and subwoofer combo, going to the cinema will be a redundant experience. Your home will become your new cinema and all your mates will be begging to come round to experience it for themselves. If you live with older people too that don’t like so much bass, that’s no problem at all, the subwoofer bass levels are completely adjustable so you can keep everybody happy.

Music Player

In this day and age, a television is not just a television. It is an entire entertainment system. We use it to watch films, play games and listen to music, so it is of absolute importance that the sound quality matches that of the screen quality. With the latest 4.1 Bluetooth technology, you will be able to stream music from any Bluetooth embed device. Enjoy chilling out to some music after a long day at work or pass your Bluetooth device around amongst a group of friends at a party.  You’ll never get bored of listening to the same tracks over and over again. The ease of changing tracks will be at your fingertips.

Editors Choice

The benefits of owning a sound bar are fantastic; it will transform your home entertainment system. My absolute number one choice of sound bars would be the Wohome S18 Soundbar, which is accompanied by a subwoofer speaker and a remote control. I love the fact that it is cost effective (a steal at just $94.99), it can be wall mounted, it can be connected with wires or wirelessly (great for both old televisions and newer models), it has the latest Bluetooth 4.1 technology allowing streaming from any Bluetooth device and, perhaps one of my favourite features, it comes with an adjustable bass setting!