Top 5 Television Add-Ons

You have just bought a brand new ultra thin 4k television. It looks fantastic, but now you need all the other cool things that go with it. Things like a decent sound system, streaming services, a blu ray player and the list go on! There is a plethora of television add-ons to choose from, and in this article, I am going to outline a few of my favourite must-have television add-ons that will help you on your way.

Wall Mounting your Television

We all want a large screen television but at the same time, we want to store it in such a way that maximizes our living space. The idea is for our big screen television to look massive while taking up as little space as possible. Sure, you can do this by rearranging your furniture countless times and seeing what works and what doesn't! Or, an even better way to do this is to use a wall mount. They are very cost effective and they screw straight into the wall which means your television takes up no space at all, and yet, it is still the centre of everybody’s attention. The best thing is, when a TV is mounted on a wall it almost feels like you’re at the cinema!

Installing A Sound Bar

So you have your television hooked up to a wall. It looks fantastic. There's only one thing letting it down. It doesn't sound great. Unfortunately, these newer ultra-thin televisions come at the sacrifice of the quality of sound. Ultra-thin televisions do not have space to fit a decent sound system so they are just fitted with the very basic speakers. This often results in our televisions sounding very tinny. This is where a sound bar comes in to play. A sound bar is a long thin strip that either fits under your television or can be mounted on the wall. It often has either a built-in subwoofer or comes with an external subwoofer. The sound you get out of your sound bar is fantastic. (In fact, the audio is so good on it, if you wanted too you can even use the sound bar as a device to output music from your phone). You will not only be about to hear the sound from your television, but you will also be able to feel it. It will make watching television a truly interactive experience and really will transform the way you watch television.

Blu Ray Capabilities

Having a super sleek television is great but what happens when you want to watch the latest releases? This is where a state of the art blu ray player comes in pretty handy! With a blu ray player, you can watch the latest releases in the highest quality. If you have never watched anything in Blu ray, believe me, you are missing out. Watching in Blu ray allows you to watch your favourite films with the best range of colour and detail. Watching in blue ray also makes use of more audio capacity than a standard TV does so if you have purchased a sound bar as detailed above, You can really maximize both your viewing and audio experience

Online Streaming Services

One of the best ways to experience all the latest and best television, films and documentaries is through online streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Now TV. These services are great as they will stream straight to your television. All you need is a decent internet connection and all these awesome television programs and films are at your fingertips. One of the really great things about these streaming services is that they are significantly cheaper than big cable and satellite companies. In addition to this, unlike with bigger cable and satellite companies, you are not tied into a contract, which means you can stop your subscription any time you want.

Games Console System

Last but not least, why not hook up your games console to your brand new massive television. Your friends will be super impressed when they come round and are able to play their favourite game on your ultra-definition television. Did you also know that there are some benefits to having a games console? They have been proven to do things such as improve balance, improve focus and slow the ageing process by keeping the brain more active.

Editors Choice

There are truly some really fantastic television options here and in truth, I would love them all! But if I had to choose one of these add-ons above all others it would by far be a sound bar. A sound bar really does transform the way you watch television and creates a much more interactive environment whether you are watching televisions, playing games or just listening to music. There are so many options for sound bars out there, however, our recommended pick would without a doubt be Wohome Sound Bar S9920. It's an absolute steal at only $109.98.