Benefits of the soundbar compared to TV speaker

The speakers presenting in flat screen TVs today are, however, much better than a few years ago. But given the shallow depth and the limited space, the technology unfortunately shows its limits. This type of speaker will give you bass that is worthy of a movie theater. San of course forget about good quality in the middle and high frequencies.

A good compromise between these 3 frequencies is of course essential to benefit from an optimal sound quality. Speakers that do not respect this balance will not be included in our comparison of the best sound bars.

Let's take a look at the benefits of a soundbar for your TV. Aside from an increasingly attractive design, the soundbar is much more useful than a mere decorative object.

  • Installation : the installation of a soundbar is of a disconcerting simplicity. Generally, you only need one cable to connect to your television. Of course, a power source will be needed.
  • Power : Compared to the speakers built into your TV, the soundbar will give you much more power. All for a small footprint. Be careful though if you decide to buy a movie sound bar at low cost. These often boast enormous power in watts. Try to rely especially on the power expressed in Watts RMS .
  •  Less cables : compared to the classic home theater, the soundbar requires much less cables. And more and more speakers are equipped with the HDMI standard, which makes it even easier to set up. Only the connection to the 220V source and the connection to the sound source will be necessary. But you can also find a connection by optical cable.
  •  Bluetooth : more soundbars are equipped with the Bluetooth connection. A real advantage to listen to music type MP3, Flac or other digital audio format from smartphone, tablet or any other device with a Bluetooth connection.
  • Sound quality : As mentioned above, with the thin, thin layer of our LED TVs, speaker technology is showing its limits. At the same volume, you will enjoy deeper bass, as in a cinema without forgetting a good balance of high, medium and low frequencies.
  • The price : compared to a complete home theater 5.1 or 7.1, the soundbar will be cheaper. But beware that the best sound bars can reach more than 1,000 € for audiophile quality. For example, Yamaha, Bose or B & W models achieve these prices. But for an unequaled quality.


Editor's Choice

There are truly some really fantastic television options here and in truth, I would love them all! But if I had to choose one of these add-ons above all others it would by far be a sound bar. A sound bar really does transform the way you watch television and creates a much more interactive environment whether you are watching televisions, playing games or just listening to music. There are so many options for sound bars out there, however, our recommended pick would without a doubt be Wohome Sound Bar S9920. It's an absolute steal at only $109.98.