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Wohome Q9 wireless home surround theater soundbar use high-quality aluminium and The detachable design, length reach 38inch, perfect for your 40inch or above TV,80watts strong speakers,can output powerful bass and crystal-clear sound,compatible with computer,projector,PSP,smartphones, almost all the TVs including Samsung/Vizio/TCL/LG/Ondia/Philips/Sony/Etc.


>  Input: Bluetooth, AUX in, 3.5mm in, USB flash driver, optical, coaxial, TF card in
>  Material: high-grade ABS + aluminium
>  Dimension: 2 x 37.5 x 3.8 in
>  Distortion: <1%
>  Frequency response: 20HZ-20K HZ
>  Speakers: 4*15W full Range+2*10W Tweeters
>  Signal-to-noise:≥75db
>  Separation degree:≥65db
>  Output: 80W
>  Input power: DC 18V/3A


>   1 x Wohome soundbar
>   1 x Remote control
>   1 x User's guide
>   1 x Digital optical cable
>   1 x Stereo RCA to 3.5mm audio cable
>   1 x Power adapter
>   1 x Wall Mount kit


>  For traditional TV, please use RCA connection.
>  For smart TV,please choose BT,RCA,Optical connection.
>  For Optical connection, please change your TV audio output to PCM(PCM is a form of digital signal that is used to represent analog data, and is an optional audio format on many televisions).
>  If the soundbar has the audio delay problem, please kindly fix the audio delay on your TV via the audio setting.

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