WOHOME 550ML Portable Electric Mini Dehumidifier D01



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WOHOME Dehumidifier has an automatic power-off function, it will shut off automatically when it reaches its water capacity and the indicator light turns red to remind you to empty the tank out. It also has eco-friendly dehumidification function, cold catalyst filter can effectively eliminate PM2.5, bacteria, soot, VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and so on in the air, while the dehumidifier is extracting moisture. The compressor and fan stop working automatically when the water tank is taken out.

>  Materials: ABS plastic
>  Power adaptor: 9V DC 2.5Amp
>  Power:25W±10%
>  Water tank capacity: 500ml
>  Dehumidifiers amount: 200-300ml/day
>  Dehumidify area: about 66 square feet
>  Product size: 6.5"(L)8.86"(H)x4.92"(W)
>  Working environment: Over 15℃, over 45% RH
>  Water Level Detector: Automatic switch off with “Red” LED Indicator when water tank is full


>  1 x WOHOME Dehumidifier
>  1 x Manual


>  Please put the product in a place where the child can not reach it
>  Please use the dehumidifier under the specified temperature and humidity conditions.
>  Don't block the air inlet and outlet of the dehumidifier.
>  The device performs better in the small room like a kitchen, bathroom, small bedroom, wardrobe etc.

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