How to connect the Wohome Soundbar to Panasonic TV via optical cable?

Posted on June 24 2018

Connecting Wohome Soundbar to Panasonic TV

Step 1, connect the sound bar to your TV via optical cable

Step 2, power on your TV and sound bar

Step 3,change the sound bar audio input to PCM,:

3.1, if your sound bar is Wohome A13 , please press "input" on the sound bar remote, until your hear the prompt voice"optical input"

3.2, if your TV is Wohome S9920, S18 or S11, please press “OPT” or “input”on the  sound bar remote, the soundbar indicator show the white color

3.3, if your soundbar is Wohome A13, please press the “input” on the sound bar remote, the soundbar LED letter will show”OPT”

Step 4, change the soundbar output to PCM:

press the MENU on the TV remote, select the “Sound”,access to the sound menu, then select the “SPDIF selection” ---The auto and PCM is available-- choose PCM

Step 5, play music to test the sound.

If still not sound, please kindly check your TV manual, or contact Panasonic Support for help, they will help you to set, you also can send mail to, we will guide you.

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