For the TV-ARC connection:

Step 1, Turn off the sound bar and TV, connect the sound bar to your TV via HDMI-ARC cable.

Step 2, Then turn on the soundbar and TV,select “ARC”on LED screen by pressing the “ARC” button on the remote. 

Step3,Setting HDMI CEC

3.1,Press MENU button to open onscreen display menu

3.2,Press ◄ or ► button to select SETUP and press ENTER

3.3, Select CEC,set CEC CONTROL to ON

Kindly note:
1, The TV sound set may differ according to different TV models, if this method did not work, please kindly share your TV model with us.
2, This soundbar do not support Dolby and DTS, so please disable the Dobly and DTS on your TV, also please disable the Dolby and DTS on the streaming video APP like Netflix, Youtube, Amazon Video.

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