Connecting the PS4 to the Soundbar (Using Optical cable)

1.Firstly, you need to turn off both of your devices.

2.Plug an Optical cable from the PS4 to the soundbar.

3.Turn on the soundbar, and the PS4,press the "Input" or "OPT" on the soundbar remote, and select the white(or OPT) on the soundbar LED indicator(PS: if the soundbar shows a red light when connect to power, means the soundbar is standing by, please press the on/off button on the soundbar remote to turn on the soundbar)

4.And now test it ,you should be able to hear the PS4 sound through the soundbar.

PS:If you don't hear anything, adjust your speakers' volume or please try to change the audio output settings.To adjust settings,select [ sound and screen] >[ audio output settings] >[ Primary output Port] >[Digial out (optical)].

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