1. Turn off the sound bar and TV, and connect the sound bar to your TV via optical cable(remove the white rubber cover on the cable)
  2. Turn on the soundbar, press the OPT or Input on the sound bar remote, select the white light or OPT on the soundbar
  3. Turn on the TV, press Menu on your TV remote, navigate to and select Settings→select "sound"→"sound out"→select "Audio Out/Optical(turn off TV speakers)"→ back to "Sound"→ select "expert Settings→ select "Digital Output Audio Format"→select "PCM", →Save settings, back to TV home screen
  4. Test the sound output.
Kindly Note:
  • The TV sound set may differ according to different TV models, if this method did not work, please kindly check your TV manual or contact us for help
  • This soundbar do not support Dolby and DTS, so please disable Dobly and DTS on your TV, also please disable Dolby and DTS on streaming video APP like Netflix, Youtube, and Amazon Video.

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