Why You Should Install A Camera Doorbell?

Posted on October 09 2018

Why You Should Install A Camera Doorbell?

What is a Camera doorbell?
A camera doorbell is a fantastic bit of kit. It is a system that connects your camera doorbell to your phone or other smart device, and enables you to monitor visitors to your home. The great thing is that you don’t physically have to be at your front door to actually answer your door. In this article I am going to be discussing the benefits of having a camera doorbell and why I think it is an absolute must-have for any home owner

Extra Security
So you've gone away for the week, you're having a great time but maybe you don't live in the safest area, and you are worried about your home. This is perfectly natural, we all worry about the safety of our homes when we go away. However with a camera doorbell, you can completely eliminate this worry! A camera doorbell will not only alert you when somebody is at the door, but It will also start recording the moment it detects motion. This will leave you with peace of mind and will enable you to enjoy your holiday.

Never Miss a Package Again
Does it drive you absolutely mad when you are waiting for a package to arrive and the carrier claims to have delivered it? And although you know that no package has been delivered, you have no way of proving otherwise. I absolutely hate it when this happens. It's unfair and it often means the loss of either money or goods! A camera Doorbell can record footage to serve as proof that no package was ever delivered.

Detects if Your Package Has Been Stolen
If we are at work when a package is delivered, this often means it is left sitting outside our home for hours and hours. Particularly, if you live in an unsafe area, this means you are running the risk of somebody stealing your important package from outside your home. Sadly, a camera doorbell cannot stop this from happening but what it will do is it will record footage when it detects movement, and the theft will be captured on camera. This means that you will be able to hand this over to authorities, and the perpetrator will be swiftly dealt with!  and further more - there is every possibility that your goods will be recovered.

Screen your Visitors
Do you often get unwanted visitors at your front door, whether its somebody trying to sell you double glazing or just an unwanted nosey neighbour? It can be disruptive at the best of times, but with a camera doorbell, you can screen who is at the door, so that you only have to answer the door to people that you genuinely want to answer the door too. This is great because whatever you are doing, you can do it in peace, whether it is working from home, having leisure time with your kids, or even having a romantic dinner with your loved one.

Make Sure Your Kids Get Home Safely
If you are a working family, you may always be worried about your children getting home safely from school. With a camera doorbell, this doesn't have to be a worry anymore as the camera will pick up motion and alert you when they arrive home safely. This is also great when your children are a bit older and they are out with their friends and you give them a curfew time to be home. With a camera doorbell, you will know the exact time they arrive home.

Lowers Insurance Premiums  
Insurance companies are forever looking for ways in which you can make your homes safer. They love it when you have things like smoke detectors, security systems, and a camera doorbell is no exception to this. Mention to your insurance company that you have a camera doorbell and they are guaranteed to take this in to account when setting your premiums. A camera doorbell is a great way of adding an extra level of security and value to your lovely home.

Editors Choice
In this article I have summarised the various reasons why using a camera doorbell is an absolute must-have for any homeowner. These reasons range from extra security to making sure your kids get home on safely, to never missing a package and even includes lowering insurance costs. The problem is, there are just so many options for camera doorbells on the market. There are lots of really great options but for those of us who have a budget of $100 or less, my very best pick would have to be the WO HOME Camera Doorbell D01. It boasts a CMOS 200pixel motion detectable camera with a field viewing angle of 140.1 degrees! and can be paired with either android or IOS. It also has a 2-way noise cancelling audio which means you can not only monitor who is at the door, you can also interact with them. At 89.99 this is a absolute bargain buy!

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