Top Tips on Getting Rid of Condensation from Your Home

Posted on October 14 2018

Top Tips on Getting Rid of Condensation from Your Home

We all dread that word ‘condensation’ inside our homes. We know condensation can damage our homes, reduce the value of our home and also have a negative impact on health conditions such as asthma and other allergy related conditions – But what exactly is condensation? Condensation, in its simplest form, is when moisture that is stuck in the air turns from the state of being a gas to be being a liquid. You may notice that condensation takes on the form of little droplets that deposit on your window. Excess condensation can also encourage the growth of Mould. Fortunately, there are ways in which we can combat condensation, and in this article I am going to share my top tips on ways in which you can help eliminate condensation.

Open Your Windows

In the winter we all know how cold it can, but it is a really great idea to keep your windows a little bit open. This will allow some of that moisture that is stuck in the air to escape.

Don’t dry your clothes indoor

Drying your clothes indoors is perhaps one of the biggest contributing factors to condensation. Each load of washing that comes out of the washing machine contains 2 litres of water which we then release in to the air. This is particularly damaging if we dry our clothes in an area that is not ventilated. We can help prevent this by doing less washing, putting the washing machine on for an extra spin and also using a tumble dryer or drying clothes.

Use a Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier is a fantastic little gadget. It draws out moisture from the air and this acts as a great deterrent to condensation and also the growth of mould. By drawing out the moisture from the air, a dehumidifier drastically improves the quality of the air and eliminates the threat of condensation in your home. It also means that the air we breathe in is purer which has positive health benefits. A good dehumidifier also means that if you dry clothes indoors, they will dry faster and also food such as bread and cereals will stay fresher for longer.

Use an Extractor Fan In the Kitchen

One of the places where condensation is most apparent is in the kitchen. This generally comes from the moisture in the air which is produced from cooking. A couple of really good ways to take this moisture out of the air is too cook with an open window and also to always have the extractor fan on high whilst cooking.

Air Ventilation

During the winter it is important to maintain a level of air ventilation within your home. Failure to do this can result in a build up of moisture on the walls which can, in turn develop in to mould and specifically black mould. This is not good for our homes or our health. A good way to maintain an even flow of air is to install air vents in the wall. I would suggest doing this in each room of the house.

Bathroom Ventilation

We all love to take showers because they are quick, convenient and energy efficient, however one of the drawbacks to taking showers is that they cause a huge amount of moisture to be stuck in the air. Always have the extractor fan on when you are having a shower and in addition to this also always open a window for a short time after your shower to allow for the moisture to escape

An Air to Air Exchanger

In any home you will generally get a build up stale moisture containing air. An air to air exchanger is a great way in which you can exchange the stale air indoors and replace it with fresher air coming from the outside. Air exchange systems are absolutely fantastic, the only draw back you have is that they tend to be a little bit more expensive than all the other options.

Editor’s Choice

In this article I have outlined some of the absolute best ways in which you can eliminate condensation from your homes. They’re all fantastic and they all work, However, if you are to only pick one thing to change in your home I would highly recommend installing a dehumidifier in every room. Dehumidifiers are great and they do range in both size and price - but my number one pick for dehumidifiers if you are on a budget would have to be the excellent Wohome portable electric dehumidifier DO1. It is not only the perfect tool for extracting moisture out of the air, it will also filter out bacteria and soot which will prevent the growth of mould. One of my favourite things about this dehumidifier is that it comes with a automatic on/off function so it will turn itself off when the tank is full. At a bargain price of 39.99, this is possibly the best condensation preventing device you’ll ever buy!

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