Top 5 best video doorbells

Posted on April 07 2018

Top 5 best video doorbells

A video doorbell can help us see who's at the door, and we can find out what we want without having to get up — even if we're not home. Here are top 5 best video doorbells that we can choose.

Ring Video Doorbell 2

This Ring model is an improvement in terms of signal range and versatility. Great video imagery, sensitive motion detection, and room to expand with add-ons and upgrades.

  • PROS :1080HD video definition, sharp images for recording. Combines real ringers/chimes with virtual smartphone "ringers". Room for upgrades, such as floodlights.
  • CONS :Some concerns about the Wi-Fi signal boost claims. Video signals work intermittently. Sensitive motion detector can send multiple false positives.

WOHOME Video Doorbell

A basic but reliable video doorbell system that works well in small or large residences, at a fair entry-level price. 

  • PROS :Easy installation to existing in-house wiring. App is intuitive and easy to use, and video routes reliably via Wi-Fi. 
  • CONS :Some installation issues for less-experienced users. A few reports of unit failing entirely. Receiver and doorbell may not sync correctly.

Ring Wi-Fi Enabled in Satin Nickel

Reputable brand, and a modern, sleek doorbell unit that's very easy to install with an existing hardwire doorbell system.

  • PROS :Good wide-angle coverage and image definition. Minimal delay between ring and response. Stylish unit, can be hardwired or battery powered. Zone activation allows users to detect visitors before they even reach the doorway.
  • CONS :Motion sensor is actually a heat detector – can miss visitors in doorway. Hardwiring can affect original doorbell activation. Wi-Fi connection is variable, requires frequent updates.

Olive & Dove RemoBell Wi-Fi Wireless

An affordable, user-friendly, and dependable alternative to more expensive Ring systems.

  • PROS :Very easy wireless installation and smartphone sync. Works well in low light or night situations. True motion detection reacts quickly to visitors. No hardwiring involved.
  • CONS :Mounting bracket is made of plastic, not secure. Noticeable delay between doorbell activation and recording. No working doorbell or buzzer included, just the phone connection.

AnyGo HD Enabled Video Doorbell with RFID Keyfobs

While installation can be challenging, the finished product offers many of the same video doorbell features as more expensive models. Some additional consumer research may be helpful.

  • PROS :Can lock/unlock doors remotely. Attractive retail price point for equivalent features. Can be hardwired in tandem with existing doorbell systems.
  • CONS :Very limited customer support and installation information. Contains an alarm that can activate during set-up. Concerns about product description accuracy.



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