The best soundbar buying guide for 2018

Posted on November 14 2018

The best soundbar buying guide for 2018

Want to buy a sound bar that simply amplifies the sound of your TV? Or do you want an immersive home theater sound ? A larger investment can provide you with sound quality comparable to that of a complete home theater system.

Now think about where your new soundbar will find its place. What is the size of the room? What is the size of the TV with which you match it? Large rooms and large TVs require large sound bars. The compact models are perfect for small rooms and TVs, of course.

Will your soundbar also be your main speaker for music? Look for a bar with high quality speaker components and powerful amplification. Many soundbars offer wireless connectivity , and some can even give you the capability of a multi-room system.

What can a sound bar provide as a sound experience?

Here are some features that almost all sound bars have in common, regardless of size or price.

Voices are clearer and easier to distinguish

Of course, a soundbar will bring more volume to the sound of your TV. This means that you will hear more clarity, especially with respect to human voices. Many soundbars even have dialogue enhancement features , which make voices louder and louder to listen to.

Uniform volume

When you watch TV at a comfortable volume level and an advertisement comes on, the sudden change in volume can be disturbing. Many sound bars feature volume leveling technology to ensure that commercials are not noisier than what you are watching.

Simulated surround sound effects

If you do not have room for a multi-speaker home theater system, you can still get a captivating sound from a soundbar. For the best sound with the most realistic surround sound effects, look for a sound bar with surround effect. They typically have five or seven audio channels, with separate sounds assigned to each channel to create a three-dimensional surround effect.
Some sound bars may actually reflect the sound of your walls to make you believe that there are speakers all around you. In some cases, this effect can even be customized according to your space automatically via a specific program of the soundbar.

Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos sound bars have special speakers that reflect the sound of your ceiling . The effect is an enveloping surround sound that puts you in the middle of the on-screen action. It's like 3D, but for your ears.

It is also a convenient music player

Built-in Bluetooth is a common soundbar feature that allows you to easily stream music from your Bluetooth enabled phone, tablet, or computer. Some soundbars also have a WiFi connection for quick access to online streaming services as well as to your personal digital music library.

A soundbar can also have a USB input , so you can load a USB key with your favorite songs, leave it connected and listen to it at any time. Some sound bars even support high definition music files . Do you have CDs? Use your connected Blu-ray player to play them and listen to them through your soundbar.

Your soundbar can also play a leading role in a multiroom music system . A growing number of brands offer soundbars that communicate with other music players, speakers and receivers over a network connection, allowing you to stream music wirelessly throughout the home.

Editor's Choice

There are truly some really fantastic television options here and in truth, I would love them all! But if I had to choose one of these add-ons above all others it would by far be a sound bar. A sound bar really does transform the way you watch television and creates a much more interactive environment whether you are watching televisions, playing games or just listening to music. There are so many options for sound bars out there, however, our recommended pick would without a doubt be Wohome Sound Bar S18. It's an absolute steal at only $89.89.

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