Best Security Gadgets For Your Home

Posted on October 14 2018

Best Security Gadgets For Your Home

Home security in important to all of us. They say that home is where the heart is, and of course that is absolutely true. Our homes are where our loved ones eat, sleep and live, our home is where are most loved possessions are, and our home is where we feel safest. We will do everything we possibly can to make sure our homes are safe from intruders. In light of this, it will come as no surprise that the market has been flooded with security gadgets. In this article I am going discuss 6 of my favourite tried and tested gadgets.

HD Camera Night Light

This is a great little gadget with a motion detector, which is designed to light up anytime anybody passes your property. It gets better! Not only does it light up when it detects movement, but, it will automatically start recording footage that can be streamed straight to your smart mobile device. This is not only a big deterrent for intruders, it also means that if you are unlucky enough to be broken in to, you will have captured the whole event in HD quality video and will be able to take it to the authorities who will be able to arrest the intruder. As an added bonus, this will also serve as proof of home invasion to your insurance company.

Motion Detected Smoke Alarm

The motion detected smoke alarm system is not just a smoke alarm! It also doubles up as a motion detected camera which records HD quality footage of an intruder entering your home. It gets even better! If an intruder, is in your home, you will be notified on your smart phone or mobile device, and with the click of a button, you will be able to trigger a siren that is build in to the smoke alarm. The intruder will not know what to do and have no choice but to flee the scene! This is a great way to scare of intruders. I love this security gadget, however, my only problem with this device is that it is only a last point of security gadget. This means, it only really comes in to play once an intruder is in your home and by that time it could be too late. I would highly recommend this gadget, but only as an addition to other security gadgets in the home.

Camera Doorbell System

A camera doorbell system is a great little device, which is actually so much more than what it first seems to be! It has so many purposes. First of all, it connects your front door bell camera to your smart phone or mobile device, making sure your you are alerted when anybody approaches your front door. It does this through it’s state of the art motion detector. This is great, because to any intruder, it would just look like an ordinary doorbell. The Camera doorbell is a fantastic security feature because it screens visitors, It detects if a intruder has been anywhere near your home, it will detect if a parcel has been stolen from your home and it will also lower your insurance premiums.

Dummy Camera

If you are on a super cheap budget and you really can’t afford a high tech security device, then fear not! For the very cheap cost of $19.99, you can pick up a dummy camera! This acts as a deterrent to intruders simply because it looks exactly like real camera! An intruder will definitely think twice about invading for home when he see’s one of these attached to your house!

A Fake TV Simulator

This device is another budget device which is aimed at putting off an intruder to entering your home. It is battery operated, so it will have low running costs and its main aim is to give the impression that somebody is at home, watching the television. After all, you would have to be really silly to break in to a house when they are at home!

Editor’s Choice

In this article I have discussed some fantastic home security gadgets that are aimed at keeping your home safe from intruders. I have covered gadgets from the entire spectrum from budget options, to state of the art devices like the The Camera Doorbell. Ultimately, your home really is where your heart is, and you should do your best to keep it safe. This is why my absolute favourite pick of gadgets would have to be the camera doorbell. There are so many options for camera doorbells on the market, but my number one choice for camera doorbells would have to be the one I currently use and that is the Wohome Camera DB02. I love all the extra features this is packed with, and it comes at the very modest price of just $99.99.

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