8 Simple Ways to Help Protect Your Home

Posted on October 14 2018

8 Simple Ways to Help Protect Your Home

Our houses are our biggest financial possessions, and also the ones that mean the most to us. They are where we go to sleep, feel safe, look after our family and enjoy the best moments of our lives. Our homes give us a sense of security like nowhere else can. Unfortunately though, sometimes this can be compromised by people who are looking for properties to break into, and effectively destroying our sense of security. There is also the huge financial impact that can go with these distressing experiences. However, there are a number of ways in which you can help deter the common thief from targeting your home. And in a lot of cases these can be very simple, cheap and effective methods.

Install a video camera doorbell

This amazing piece of equipment can help to make your house more secure whenever you are away from home. These great devices work just like a normal doorbell, but they also have a camera and can record as soon as their motion senses are triggered. These can connect to the WiFi and your phone, meaning that you can see what is happening around your door without actually being there! The doorbell also records for you, so even if you are unable to watch the footage when you are out, if the worst does happen, you will have a recording to share with the police.

Use security cameras

These can be installed anywhere around your house, and can provide the perfect view of anyone who may be up to no good around your property. Not only will having these up around your house deter burglars, they will also record anything suspicious that may be happening around your home. This can then be used as key evidence at a later date.

Ensure all your windows are shut 

This sounds a super simple method! But it is well known that all thieves target houses that look like they will be the easiest option. This means small measures, such as ensuring all windows are closed, will make any thief reconsider targeting your home.

Ensure that doors are firmly shut

This is another very simple method, but something that many people can fail to do. Shockingly, 33% of burglars enter through the front door. When it comes to your front door, security must come above appearance (not that your door still can’t look beautiful with these measures in place). Give all your doors a thorough check to ensure they are at a strong standard. It is also wise to make sure that your letter box is not big enough for someone to be able to reach their hand through to unlock the front door; invest in a peephole and a deadbolt to make your home even more secure.

Try to ensure there are no easy routes round the back of your house

It is quite common for break-ins to happen round the side or back of your house. This enables someone to break in without be spotted from the view of the other home owners in the street. Even though you cannot 100% prevent this from happening, by making it harder for them to have access to the rear of your property, it will help to deter them from trying to gain access this way. You can do this by making sure you have strong side gates and a high, solid fence that runs around the back of your property.

Leave lights on when out at night

If you are out late in the evening it can help to leave your lights on. This will make the thief think that you are still at home, even though you will actually be out enjoying yourself. J If you are out all night, it might be worth investing in a timed light, as this then means the light will go out during the night, making it look even more convincing to the burglar that you are tucked up at home.

Have a security light outside your home

These are great little lights that switch on as soon as they detect motion. This alone can have a huge impact on the mind of the thief. It means they will immediately have a large spotlight on them, and can also put doubt into their mind as to whether someone is at home or not.

Get to know your neighbours

In this day and age, sadly, a lot of us do not know our neighbours as well as we use to. Making sure that you know your neighbours and getting on well with them can be an amazing advantage when it comes to home security (as well as just making your road a friendlier place to live). Your neighbours will begin to learn when anything is happening that shouldn't be around your home, and they can keep an eye on your property when you are away. Let your neighbours know when you are on holiday, and ask them to call the police if they see any suspicious behaviour.


Home security is something we all worry about. But fortunately there are many ways of helping to control this threat, and ensure that you do not have to spend sleepless nights worrying about it. We advise putting into place as many of these measures as you can, especially when it comes to the ones that we can all do immediately.

We love the doorbell for security, which is a simple and easy way of helping to protect your home. We 100% recommend the WOHOME Battery Powered with Plug-in Chime WIFI Video Camera Doorbell. It comes with an amazing wide-angel lens (166 degrees) and infrared night vision to help watch over your home both day and night. It is extremely neat and tidy looking; you do not need to even consider it impacting the appearance of your property. J It also supports an AC power supply and re-chargeable batteries, which are far more energy efficient than normal batteries. This means you can help protect your home and not even worry about the electricity bill because of it.

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